Cotton mesh bags

Cotton mesh bags are the solution to definitively stop using single plastic bags or paper bags.

Your customers are looking to do their shopping in a more eco-friendly way and doing their part in reducing their carbon foot print.

Made from 100% cotton, mesh bags provides an adapted solution to your customer needs at a wholesale price.

If you are interested in cotton mesh bags, please contact us to get a custom quote.

Why are cotton mesh bags trendy?

Washable: the bag is designed to withstand washing up to 60°C

Reusable: you can use it as long as you want, it is reusable and washable

Convenient: it is light weight and foldable

Resistant: it is designed to carry up to 10kg

Mutli purpose: the bag can be used for carrying daily items such as groceries, books or you can simply use it as a beach bag

Preservable: can be kept in the fridge with fruits and vegetables for a longer period

What are the best fabrics for a grocery mesh bag?

There are 3 main types of material / fabric for daily mesh bags:


A mix of cotton and polyester

Beyond the material, the appearance of the bag may differ whether it’s mesh or muslin.

Mesh: material with small holes that can be made in different sizes

Muslin: it’s a cotton cloth in a plain weave

Ready to develop your bag with us?

What are the features of our cotton mesh bag?

Bag type: grocery mesh bag, organic cotton mesh produce bags, muslin produce bags, mesh produce bags, beach bag

Material: 100% cotton, organic cotton (fabric or muslin)

Material color: natural, customized colors

Size: 20x30cm, 30x35cm, 35x40cm, customized size

Closure: 2 handles, 1 or 2 drawstrings, 1 or 2 cord locks, customized closure

Color closure: natural, customized color

Label: woven label or customized label (bar code or logo)

Certification: Food Grade, ISO 9001, BSCI, REACH, Sedex

MOQ: 1.000 standard cotton mesh bags, 3.000 customized cotton mesh bags

Packing: Unit or bag sets, Sleeve card, Kraft paper boxes, Cartons